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Agile Project Management

with Aristotel

Agile approach

Processes consulting

Business analysis

"We really enjoyed working with Aristotel. Super solid project and product management, schedule, budgets, leading staff and communicating with clients."


Mark Fromson,

Founder, ActionDigital

Results Coaching

with Aristotel

Vision and Strategic Planning

Streamline operations

Shift beliefs with compassion

"Your processes exposed that our team had very bad practices. Thanks to you, we finally have an amazing team, working by your blueprint."


Claud Covaci,

Co-Founder, Synkwise

Software Development

with FreedomGoals Team

Web & Mobile development

QA, performance testing


"We weren’t building in our product what I was selling to the client. You got involved and BAM! Things get done, things are coming together and I was just watching it!"


Bradley Roulson,

Co-Founder, Timely

Inspiring Project Management

17 years of Software Projects consulting

Leadership and Vision

  • Inspiration and Motivation: Fostering a positive and productive work environment. Set a clear vision and goals, aligning everyone’s efforts towards achieving them.

  • Clear Direction: Provide clear and strategic direction, ensuring all team members understand their roles and responsibilities, reducing confusion and improving efficiency.

Clear Communication

  • Effective Communication: Keeping stakeholders informed and involved. Facilitate clear and open channels of communication, essential for resolving issues and making informed decisions.

  • Stakeholder Management: Manage stakeholder expectations adeptly, ensuring the needs and concerns of all parties are addressed, and maintaining satisfaction and support.

Team Development and Collaboration

  • Team Building: Fostering a collaborative and cohesive team environment. Invest in the team’s growth and skill development, enhancing performance and satisfaction.

  • Conflict Resolution: Handle conflicts effectively, ensuring disagreements are resolved amicably and do not hinder project progress.

Risk Management

  • Comprehensive Risk Assessment: Conduct thorough risk assessments and develop robust mitigation plans, ensuring potential risks are identified and managed effectively.

  • Contingency Planning: Prepare for unforeseen challenges with contingency plans, minimizing the impact of unexpected issues on the project’s progress and outcomes.

Resource Management

  • Optimal Resource Utilization: Manage resources efficiently, assigning the right people to the right tasks and using resources effectively to maximize productivity.

  • Time Management: Excel in time management, ensuring the project timeline is adhered to and deadlines are met without compromising quality.

Client Satisfaction

  • High Standards: Maintain high standards for project deliverables, ensuring the output meets/exceeds expectations through rigorous quality checks and continuous improvement.

  • Trust and Reliability: Build trust with clients through reliable and consistent performance, leading to repeat business and long-term partnerships.

About Aristotel

For the last 17 years Aristotel Dascal has managed software projects for all sizes of companies and teams. His unique approach is based on harnessing the best skills and deepest passions of every single team member and business stakeholder.

Client Interviews

Results from our development and project management clients

"Implementing your processes exposed very bad development practices. You told us that from the beginning. Now we finally have an amazing team, working completely by your blueprint.


Claud Covaci

Co-Founder, Synkwise

"The team productivity definitely turned around when you got involved.

You got involved and BAM! Things get done, things are coming together and I was... watching it!


Bradley Roulson

Co-Founder, Time.ly

"After we implemented your agile processes, we started to see a much better team environment. More productivity, and true visibility. That was more than we could have expected.


Zhenya Beck,

Co-Founder, Freightera

Latest consulting Projects

Web and Mobile Apps | PM, BA, Dev, QA, Ops Consulting

IBM Watson Warriors

✓ Proj. Mgmt. ✓ Biz Analysis

Building an interactive online data science game that leverages and promotes the capabilities of IBM Watson AI and their Power 9 hardware and players compete in challenges.

T-Mobile & Revtech

✓ Proj. Mgmt. ✓ Biz Analysis

Build new ways to ingest, curate, process, visualize, and uncover the power of Big Data for T-Mobile in efforts spanning FCC regulatory compliance to 5G spectrum licensing.


✓ Proj. Mgmt. ✓ Biz Analysis

Assessing the needs of a DAM platform and identifying possible options that match business goals.

Business analysis and project management for


✓ Proj. Mgmt. ✓ Ops Consulting

Audit and update dev and management, measuring performance, and creating and adopting new processes that increased significantly the quality and release cycle of their software product.


✓ Proj. Mgmt. ✓ Biz Analysis
✓DevOps ✓Testing

Rebuilt website, rebranding, and built a react mobile app that helps citizens to subscribe/take actions that can influence congressmen to adopt better immigration laws.


✓ Proj. Mgmt. ✓ Biz Analysis ✓ Testing

Software for Pez-type IOT dispensing device that eliminates pill sorting and pill box filling, improves patient engagement, and connects patients to care from the comfort of their homes.


✓ Proj. Mgmt. ✓ Biz Analysis
✓ Dev ✓ Testing

Custom Drupal for competency-based registration app for processing platform for newcomers to Canada. Later we expanded it to include technical specialist applications. 


✓ Proj. Mgmt. ✓ Dev ✓ Biz Analysis ✓ Ops Consulting ✓ Biz Strategy

Freightera is a freight marketplace. We helped built a new strategy for the product, manage development and business operations consulting (creating OKR goals, strategic plans for all departments, live reports).


✓ Proj. Mgmt. ✓ Dev
✓ Ops Consulting ✓ Biz Analysis

We developed the website and an entire operating system, streamlining the most time-consuming activities, like project estimations, project management, employee allocation, time-clock-in system, HR system and CRM.


✓ Proj. Mgmt. ✓ Biz Analysis

Create and launch the video quiz for their Media Management product which allows customers to build, administer and track video content comprehension and retention.


✓ Proj. Mgmt. ✓ Prod. Mgmt.

Proposed new product strategy, built new product roadmap, business model and engineering team. Introduced Agile development process and initiated a brand new scalable SaaS product.

Eminence Organics

✓ Proj. Mgmt. ✓ Biz Analysis

Create strategy for online payment compliance, and audit with proposals for e-commerce and CMS platforms.

Business analysis and project management.


✓ Proj. Mgmt. ✓ Ops Consulting

Managed Google Cloud Partner projects, proposed multiple standardized service models, initiated the first PMO in the company, built project management processes and onboarded new PM's.

Oregon Higher Education

✓ Proj. Mgmt. ✓ Biz Analysis

Build new student and admin portals to administrate all the grants offered by the Oregon Government for Higher Education. Integrated it with all the platforms connected.

Collingwood School

✓ Proj. Mgmt. ✓ Ops Consulting

Changing the school information system and interfacing between the board of directors, senior leadership and Veracross as vendor, without affecting the teachers and students activities.

Client Testimonials

What do our clients say

"We really, really enjoyed working with Aris. A super understanding of product and project management, schedule, budgets, how to lead dev teams and keep them on track, communicating with clients, backlog grooming, sprint planning, MVPs."


Mark Fromson

Partner, Action Digital

"Our dev team was unorganized and reactive, mainly addressing bugs. Your introduction of Scrum, Stand-ups, Slack, Jira, video calls, transformed our productivity and transparency, in both the quality and quantity of our deliverables."


Aleksandra Ponarina Director, Freightera

"I witnessed Aris' exceptional project management, leadership and organizational skills, making sure that the project met all deadlines. His effective communication and positive attitude made him an invaluable asset."


Steve Kim (Freelancer)

Sr. Product Design

"Aristotel is one of the most dedicated, organized, and engaged people that I worked with. A valuable asset for any position that requires well developed project and product management."


Robert Whiteside

Founder, Treemark Capital

"Aristotel is a pure pleasure to work with, easy-going, and openly communicative. I admire his passion for Project Management and his drive to ensure success for everyone and everything around him."


Rena Young

Director, Appnovation

"Aristotel kept the project and stakeholders on task, momentum high and ultimately captained a very successful implementation. He has a special ability to identify potential and impending roadblocks."


Dylan Tetrault

Director, Collingwood School

"Aristotel successfully managed our tricky, time sensitive project. He fostered an environment of accountability, thoroughness and flexibility with our developers with whom he worked. He is an excellent manager!"


Michael Odobas

VP, Eminence Organics

"It was a pleasure to work with Aristotel to enhance our PM processes! Always to the point and valuable. I recommend him for his drive, dedication and power to motivate, befriend people, and ensure a common goal. "


Sebastian Denes

SVP Payments, Endava

"Aristotel is a very ambitious person, full of enthusiasm and a great communicator. He is a person you can trust; he is not only getting the job done but he is also surpassing any obstacle that comes his way. It was a pleasure working with him."


Flaviu Ratiu

Engineering Manager, Nokia

"Aristotel has supported multiple projects run by my organization globally. Very organized and methodological, he stayed on top of all tasks. He has always presented a professional approach to his job and excellent expertise."


Tom Checkiewicz

Head of AI, Linklaters

"I worked with Aris on multiple projects for Cadbury. A reliable and efficient project manager with excellent client and team communication skills, quick to grasp technical aspects. Honest, trusted and always calm person."


Ovidiu Stan

Software Architect, Endava

"Aristotel was a fantastic person to work with. Honest team player caring for client values. His knowledge is vast and thorough. His technical and project management skills are always focused on satisfying customers."


Gordon Waldie

Product Manager, Microsoft

“Aristotel has a very effective mix of technical PM skills and efficient client communication. He goes deep on client’s needs and ensures the dev team delivers high quality. As a fellow PM, I greatly appreciate his style and broad experience.”


Elizabeth Stanton

IT Project Manager, Hartman

"Aristotel effectively aligned our team, anticipated and resolved roadblocks, and optimized workflows with a sharp focus and a timely manner. His humane approach and care for his teammates stood out the most."


Oliver Kattan

Product Design Lead

"Aristotel is the best Project Manager I worked with. He quickly improved all processes, build new ones and brought the team members closer together to follow them and improve productivity.

He always motivated us!


Alexandru Ietcu

Scrum Master, Broadridge

"Aristotel is an engaged and focused manager. He led the team to achieve many goals during the period I worked with him. He is the right professional to help businesses to improve their productivity and unblock their potential."


Eli Barbosa

Software Engineer, Timely

"Aristotel is one of a kind! He is extremely witty, professional and able to decipher through challenging tasks at ease. Aristotel provides profound wisdom and technical solutions along different stages of a project. He is an inspiration."


Aaron Ahn

Full Stack Engineer, Kongsberg

"Aristotel was a service advocate for Nokia Messaging in Europe when working together. He is a hard working guy and he is always ready for new challenges. He's helpful to people who need help, and he learns new things fast."


Fengrui Wang

Security Architect, NewDay

"We were leaving millions on the table. You're the first person I've ever spoken to, in 16 years that got our problems and was able to address them in a clarified way to make it where we could see the light at the end of the tunnel."


Michael Fomkin Founder/CEO, VIP Ignite

"Before working with Aristotel, I was beyond frustrated and confused. But he gave me a solution to say: 'Oh, here's what's going on. Aristotel knows what he is doing. He's worked with 500 companies. So I'm super pumped to implement these."


Casey Shipp Founder/CEO, Hotmomz

"I was going into my biggest decision ever for this business yet, thinking about it all wrong, heading for a bottleneck. But you gave me clarity in how to structure this in a way that will help me scale to where I want to go. That was so important"


Jared Erni

Founder, Attract to Scale

"I had three steps to do in my business, but the steps weren't clear. You made those steps super clear. I'm going to be able to have that done next week. You broke out a spreadsheet, laid it out, and all of a sudden it makes a super clear effort."


Karen Fisher, Founder, The Profitable Non-profits

"We pinpointed exactly where in my business are the bottlenecks. This will support us to scale so much faster. We'll be able to double the revenue per person, and we know how we can get there with very clear metrics. Really valuable!"


Nellie Corriveau, Founder The Sales Queen

"Aristotel helped me with the operational systems and the practices to run my business. It was really amazing to have somebody with such clarity help me map out the next steps to make sure that I'm moving in the direction I want!"


Nicole Barker, Founder Brainstorm Solutions

"Aristotel gave me advice that revolutionized the whole system of operation. I use in my company.

When you hear something that you have in mind from someone else, and they can clarify that kind of thought. It makes all the difference."


Samuele Guerrucci Founder, Medical Capital

"You helped me identify the most critical blockers in my two businesses. I was all over the place...

I was blind to important areas leaking all over the place! Working with you I finally stopped the waste and focused on key results."


Sorin Tichy

Founder, Family Construct

"I hit a ceiling in my e-commerce business. You really helped me identify what’s most relevant at my stage in the business. We dove deep into systems, at what makes my business truly grow and how to solve problems."


Nicolas Hoffmann

Founder, Hoff Dropshipping

"You helped me finally realize the importance of time, meaning, freedom by focusing on the key objective in my business and define a completely different strategy with clear KPIs and metrics, to step out of my agency’s operations."


Benjamin Levenbach Founder, Benjix

"I felt like I had a strong offer that can scale, but had no action items and no process in place. With Aristotel I had more than one 'aha' moment. Now I can put this into play and get my business to the next level. I'm blown away"


Mike Mak, Founder,

The Janitorial Entrepreneur

"The lead generation insights you provided were a game changer for me. You helped me pinpoint my audience, understand their frustrations, and meet them where they are. I have actionable steps to implement immediately. Thank you!"


Benjamin Bruner

Ops Director, Creative Zing

"I have about 1700 clients and it's been fantastic. But I've been wanting to scale the business and trying to figure out better ways. Aristotel helped me a lot with my positioning, my offer, to scale it, and what to do with my current clients."


Shane Olson

Founder/3D Character

"Aristotel gave me a model of operating, where I can give my clients an even better experience, without me having to do all the heavy lifting by myself. A very big shift! I can take on more clients, while it opens up a lot of time."


Shantanu Verma

Founder, Automation Artist

"Although it's been easy to go and find the right strategies and solutions for my clients, there are more emotions involved in my own business. Because it's my baby! It’s been very helpful to strategize together on that."


Tucker Ferwerda

Founder, Passive and Profit

“I love how you keep people looking deeper within themselves. Also how you taught me to track my business.


Tyler Galyen
Founder, Complete Ranch

"Aristotel will show you blockers that you're not aware of. You’ll get done what you said you would, with more love."


Dane Maxwell

Founder, The Foundation

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