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Get the strategic systems to mindfully achieve the most meaningful goals in your life and business,

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Achieve life and business goals to increase time and financial freedom.

  • Achieve meaningful goals that matter

  • Streamline business and free-up time

  • Systems, processes and procedures

  • Live with love, joy and peace

Extend your current development team or build new applications.

  • Agile project management

  • Web and mobile apps development

  • Devs, QA, BA, PM for your dev team

  • Streamline operations for agencies

Client Results

What do our clients say about working with us

"Implementing your processes exposed very bad development practices. You told us that from the beginning. Now we finally have an amazing team, working completely by your blueprint.


Claud Covaci

Co-Founder, Synkwise

"The team productivity definitely turned around when you got involved.

You got involved and BAM! Things get done, things are coming together and I was... watching it!


Bradley Roulson

Co-Founder, Time.ly

"After we implemented your agile processes, we started to see a much better team environment. More productivity, and true visibility. That was more than we could have expected.


Zhenya Beck,

Co-Founder, Freightera

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